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Blinkit Will Now Deliver PlayStation 5 In 10 Minutes To Your Doorstep

The quick grocery delivery app of India, Blinkit, has just announced the availability of Sony PlayStation 5 Slim at all major locations. Like other grocery and needful items, the delivery will take the well-known 10-minute period.

Japanese gaming giant Sony has just announced its affordable PlayStation 5 Slim, the latest addition to the PS5 console series. The device will be available at all major online and offline stores starting from April 5, 2024, in the Indian market. To increase the initial sales after release, Sony has made an official tie-up with Zomato-owned quick commerce brand Blinkit to make deliveries right at customers’ homes in just 10 minutes.

Sony’s CEO Albinder Dhindsa shared this news on X (formerly Twitter): Customers can now order the PS5 Slim (and both variants) from the Blinkit app. Once ordered, as Blinkit claims, the customer will receive the product in as little as 10 minutes.

PlayStation 5 Slim Price Details

The new PlayStation 5 Slim or PS5 Slim will be available in two variants: the digital edition priced at 44,990 INR and the disc version priced at 54,900 INR. These new additions to the PlayStation series stand out with their compact design and increased storage capacity. Despite these enhancements, the hardware for the machine remains the same as a standard console, ensuring a familiar gaming experience.

The company has reduced the overall volume of the new consoles by around 30% and their weight by around 24% compared to the previous model.

The company has also added a feature to let customers add the disc drive as an accessory after purchasing the digital edition. Both variants will come with 1TB storage, a little more than the previous ones, with 825GB of storage.

Users will be amazed that the internal storage can now be expanded using external SSDs and will feature four separate cover panels instead of the two panels available in previous models.

The new design of the PS5 Slim is a testament to Sony’s commitment to innovation and aesthetics. It features a sleek, glossy body at the top and a matte design at the bottom, creating a visually appealing contrast. For enhanced connectivity, the company has provided dual USB-C ports at the front, ensuring that the console is not only stylish but also practical.




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